Hamilton Printers Typestter Ledge : Modern50 Mod50 Retail Artist Steampunk Industrial

USA, c.1930s. Hamilton Two Rivers Vintage Industrial Steel and Oak Printers/TypeSetters Tabletop Type Ledge. Heavy Use and Beautiful Surface Patina. Reinforced Inner Structure. Sturdy Ready for Use or Display.

Printers LG Oak Tray, W: 70 x D: 10½ x H: 1.75 in. SOLD
Small Wooden Slug Trays, W: 15 x D: 7½ x H: .75 in. $165 Ea.
Printers Tabletop Ledge, W: 72 x D: 26 x H: 18 in. $8500

$3500 Inquire to Dino@Modern50.com