USA, c.1900s. Vintage High Victorian Halston Mercantile File Vault Cabinet. Silver Enameled Brass, Bronze and Steel Detailings. All Drawers are functioning when locking lever is up. No Key. Patina, and Wear to All Surface. Base has been Reinforced from the interior, and Left in Tact as Patina/Decor. A Little Easier to Move, the Unit Floats a bit on the Reinforced Wood Interior Base, Does not Effect any of the Drawer Functionings. Stands very Level, Solid and Sturdy.

Width: 31½ x Depth: 15/17 x Height: 66½ in. *(200lbs.)
*(Top Drawers 4.75 x 7¼ in. Bottom Drawers 9.75 x 4.75 in.)