MODERN 50 : 20th Century Vintage Furnishings & Design

Modern50 | Artist Collective + Atelier est.2002
Paint Branch, Maryland 20783
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Modern50 is an art and design collective. Assembling, creating, restoring and procuring compelling, and esoteric furnishings for all type of interior spaces, retail and TV/Movie Industries. We love to collaborate with likeminded folks and artists to create an ever-evolving non-linear consumer lifestyles collection.

Our ethos is to discover intrinsically valuable decorative arts and furnishings, be it through purpose, texture, color or form, to help our clients set apart their spaces. At the heart of all our creations are obsolete, repurposed and salvage materials. We pioneer uncommon combinations and adhere to modernist tenets; simplicity and intelligence. We are confident that we can convey the unexpected and unforgettable.

Delivery to NYC Area: SEPTEMBER


Rare Kristiansson Luxus Teak Wall Lamp
Borge Mogensen 1950s 8 Drawer Teak Dresser
Modern 50 Vintage Scorched Decanters
Various Vintage Mid-Century and Industrial Pendant Lights
Vintage Mid-Century Modern Mexican Don Shoemaker Rosewood Studio Coffee Table
Vintage European Craftsman Handmade Pedestals Stools
Fairbanks Morse Vintage Industrial Tonnage Scale on Base
White Vitrolite Slab Assemblage Coffee Table
Eames PAW Zenith Plastics Rope Edge Swivel Dowel Leg Chair
1880's J.L. Ross Elevating Cast Iron Drafting Table Podium
Ilmari Tapiovaara Wicker Rocking Chair
Rare Tony Paul Canvas Wire Trash Can